At Eastfield Primary Academy we believe that each young person is unique and that during his/her time at Eastfield Primary Academy may be in need of special consideration or support, either in the long or short term.

At Eastfield Primary Academy we are an inclusive academy in which children of all abilities and from all cultures and backgrounds are valued equally. At Eastfield Primary Academy we have high expectations of all our children and strive to ensure that every child has access to a broad and balanced curriculum that meets their needs, builds on their strengths and enables them to progress appropriately.

At Eastfield Primary Academy we believe therefore that a child with special educational needs should have their needs met. In meeting these needs, the academy believes in the collaboration between child, parents / carers and academy staff. We regard involvement with all stakeholders as the highest priority in gauging the best possible outcomes for the young person.


The aims and objectives of this policy are to ensure that at Eastfield Primary Academy we:

  • identify pupils with Special Educational Needs as early as possible;
  • create an environment that meets the special needs of each pupil;
  • ensure all pupils have equal access to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum;
  • encourage pupils to develop confidence and self-esteem and to recognise the value of their own contributions to their learning;
  • encourage pupils to be fully involved in target setting for their causal chain and their learning;
  • make clear the expectations of all partners in the process and provision of special needs;
  • ensure parents are kept fully informed and are engaged in effective communication about their child’s SEND
  • During their time with us, the young person’s social, emotional or educational needs may change. These will be recognised and addressed.

SEND and Local Offer – North East Lincolnshire Council

The Local Offer is the place on the North East Lincolnshire website that provides and directs you to information that will support children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The Local Offer helps parents, children and young people aged 0 to 25 years find information about specialist and targeted services or activities in North East Lincolnshire.


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SEND Newsletters

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