24 June 2019

Woodside Wildlife Park


On Wednesday 24th April year 3 took a drive to Lincoln to visit Woodlife Wildlife Park as part of our 'hook' for our new topic on predators. On our arrival we were met by one of the park rangers to show us where to put our belongings. The first thing we did was meet the famous Poppy the parrot, we learnt a few things about her past and how she ended up at Woodside. She even greeted us with a hello.



We then entered the Tropical Paradise House where we met lots of free roaming birds and mammals. We also saw some really big snakes in their tanks. Hidden inside was a pitch black cave home to 4 bats. We entered through the door and the ranger turned on a light so we could see the bats flying over out heads, they were so close we could almost touch them. The firm favourite was definitely the sloth which we were lucky enough to spot having a snooze up in the trees.



We then had a guided tour around the park and met lots of different animals. We learnt lots about owls. Did you know they actually can't turn their heads all the way around. 



Now it was time for the live show. We were 1 of 2 schools in their so it was nice and quiet for the animals. The best part was when the birds came swooping down over our heads towards the ranger to get their treats. 




It was now time to see the wolves and the big cats getting fed. First up were the Hudson Bay Wolves. The rangers brought in a bucket full of chicken pieces and rabbits. Did you know they leave the feathers on as this is good for cleaning their teeth. They threw the pieces of meat over the fence to the wolves and the females ran in to get them first. 




Now it was time for the 'Big Cats' we were sat right in the middle so had a good view of both the Siberian Lynx and the Tiger. The Lynx got fed first. The rangers put pieces of meat on a stick and made them jump up towards the food. This is so they can give them a health check without having to go into their enclosures. Then they did the same with the tiger. We couldn't believe how big they were up close.




We got to meet a few of the park's reptiles. There were 2 snakes and a lizard. They brought the snakes around and we got to hold them if we wanted to. When the lizard came around we got to stoke him and feel the difference. 


We then went in to explore another Tropical House. Flying around our heads were so many different colour butterflies. Did you know they are only live for 5 days. We got to meet a pair of crocodiles snoozing trying to keep cool in the heat and explore through the exotic plant life.



We then gathered our bags and made our way back to the coach for our ride home. We thoroughly enjoyed our day but some couldn't help having a quick snooze on the way back. 



Posted by Beth Charlton

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